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DERM EYES -Iberia Vision Care and DIPO, the national distributor of optical products have reached a commercial agreement so that it incorporates in its catalog the Dermeyes products specialized in Eye Hypoallergenic Cosmetics and Ocular Nutrition. Iberia Vision Care, creator of this new Optocosmetica category and the undisputed leader as ... Read More
22 July, 2019Cristian Blanco
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  DERM EYES- Iberia Vision Care, the provider of Ocular Cosmetics and Nutrition for Vision, business lines specifically designed for Visual Health and the Optical Sector, collaborates as a supplier of MULTIOPTICS in helping disadvantaged people in need of visual correction by donating to This Group more than 4000 glasses to ... Read More
17 July, 2019Cristian Blanco


Iberia Vision Care participates one more year in EXPOCECOP 19 - MEEU MADRID, 9-10 MARCH As part of its commitment to the main groups of the Optical Sector, of which it is an Official Supplier in the Cosmetic and Ocular Nutrition category, it will again present its novelties in the ... Read More
13 March, 2019Cristian Blanco


   They confirm their commitment to collaboration. From now on, Dermeyes products can be found in practically all the General Optica centers. In response to the growing demand of patients, Iberia Vision Care / Dermeyes, creator of Optocosmetics and present on all continents as a reference for eye health and innovation, offers ... Read More
7 January, 2019Cristian Blanco


We strive to improve the Visual Health of everyone. Professor Alió, honorary president of the Jorge Alió Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness, says that "Eyegum is very interesting as a complement to improve the nutrition of eye tissues." Therefore, in addition to having the supervision and professional and scientific direction ... Read More
8 November, 2018Cristian Blanco
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SILMO 2018 París

SILMO Paris 2018, a salon oriented to the optical-eyewear sector, opens its doors today, September 28 to October 1 in the Parc des Expositions of Paris Nord Villepinte. The fair brings together professionals from the optics sector from around the world in an exhibition and business space that has become a ... Read More
1 October, 2018Cristian Blanco


Gabby Silberman Dtor. gral. of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) Theia (or Tea) was part, according to Greek mythology, of the powerful race of the Titans, who preceded and fathered the Olympian gods themselves. She was the daughter of Gaia (the earth) and Uranus (the sky) and was the ... Read More
4 September, 2018Cristian Blanco