We develope specialized products like Optocosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Nutritional, designed to maintain and improve the nutrition of the tissues of the eye and its appendages. Always under the supervision of relevant scientific research centers and world renowned professionals in the field of Ophthalmology and Visual Health.

Following criteria of minimum invasiveness, always we use substances and dosages based on the proven and published scientific evidence. Ensuring its effectiveness by scientific methods and without creating negative side effects or toxicities in humans, using the minimum components necessary to achieve the maximum.
We maintain constant surveillance of scientific developments in the field, in order to incorporate any innovation to the products that the company creates.

We provide alternative, innovative, revolutionary products and uniques in occasions, always focused on eye care, and with intent to prevent irritation, allergies or other conditions, and adapting these to the current needs of demanding users and professionals with “Vision of the future “with the aim of generating a regular Centers traffic loyal and satisfied patients.

Unique Line specialized in EYE HEALTH with Clinical Eye Studies presented at the most relevant International Ophthalmology and Optic Congresses .

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