AudioBluetooth 5.0 Glasses | Blue Light + UV Protection Lenses
Listen to music and make calls while protecting your eyes, and without missing anything around you

Give your eyes a break from digital devices with the coolest blue light glasses.
Actually, it seems that we can spend, on average, 9 hours every day in front of smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. Without a doubt, an important part of our days in which our eyes are continuously working hard without any type of protection.

Specifically designed with the digital generation in mind, the blue light glasses collection effectively protects against overexposure to blue light, resulting in an overall increase in our well-being.
They also have a built-in audio system.
So don’t worry if I blast my personal life soundtrack while I’m exploring the city!

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Instructions for opticians

Fauna audio glasses are portable, Bluetooth 5.0-linked
audio devices in the form of sunglasses or blue-light protec-
tion glasses. Fauna audio glasses lenses are not prescription
correction lenses, however such can be retrofitted by an
optician only. The frame is made out of acetate material. The
glasses temple is made out of a plastic, metal and acetate
combination. It allows a temple length adjustment, which
should be done by an optician. only